Monterosso al Mare

Let you get bewitched by the beauty of Monterosso, through its amazing beaches and reefs which alternate in this village’s coast, that is considered a UNESCO World Heritage.

Winegrapes and olive trees are hanged on the steep terracing staring at the sea.

If you love nature, this natural heritage thrives and you can explore it thanks to a high density of paths which branches inside the Parco Nazionale delle Cinque
Terre, and every path has been pointed out by the CAI.

You can enjoy breathtaking landscapes between paths and mule tracks.

Among all, there is the Sentiero dei Santuari, indeed you can behold the old sanctuaries of Monterosso and Vernazza; there is the Sentiero Azzurro which
connects Riomaggiore and Monterosso and the sentiero numero 1 which runs along the line that divides the coast and the valley.

Sea lovers will find the most beautiful beaches of Cinque Terre, and using ferry services or renting little boats they will have the chance to visit the other four villages and the Parco Marino.

From the lush Mediterranean Scrub to the crystalline sea, there are narrow streets and “creuze” where colored houses and little shops lean out, and there, you can find out the local culture.