The Portofino village, as Cinque Terre, is a mix of unique worldwide nature, history and art!

A perfect harmony has been created between handmade building and nature’s prosperity!

Portofino is a little village on the sea, it is surrounded by holm oak and Aleppo pine trees; this village is characterized by colorful houses, gardens and awesome orchards, making it one of the most stunning places in Liguria.

Portofino is settled in the beautiful Parco regionale di Portofino, a natural reserve of the Mediterranean area.

The graceful and famous Piazzetta del Porto is a very nice square, where you can find many cafés and restaurants full of tables where you can sit, enjoy the view and relax!

Here the atmosphere is magical!

We suggest you to reach Portofino by boat in order to both stare at the coastline full of handsome inlets and various bays and watch a lit and colorful Portofino.